Welcome Fall!

Hey everybody! I'm back from vacation!

I spent two months at my aunt's house in Nabisco. It was fun, but it's really, REALLY good to be home. I missed my sisters :'( Well, a few of them came with me but not as long. First Molly and Mia came, then Emily.

I love my aunt in all but she kept trying to get me to like Justin Beiber and anything that has to do with vampires. YUCK! We are against both things in my family.

I'm also glad that I can wear the clothes I like again! I was forced to wear a hula costume and my newest aunt's (Abby) outgrown onesies (is that how you spell it?)

So summer is officially over today :( but I'm actually okay with it. I don't really care for the school work but I love school! (I know, the whole point is the work.) But my friends are there and school also means sports!

Fall also means new clothes! There is a trip to AG being planned :D.

I'll hopfully be posting more later.

Ally <3


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