Hiya! (with the YA!) <-- what? you're telling me you havn't watched Hot in Cleveland yet! OY!

Yeah... it's a show the whole family likes... don't look at me like that! I know that it has some... ify parts about it! (yes! I know it was downright vaulger last week! Your point is?)


I didn't intend this entry to start off with Hot in Cleveland but when I was thinking of how I should greet you all, Mia suggested 'hiya' which reminded me of a line from Hot in Cleveland! (better than another line Christine likes! Which shall remain not mentioned...)

My actual topic for this post was that Ma told us all BIG news! Traveling Ruthie is coming! In a few days! YIPPIE!!!! (screams that like Punky Brewster... do I have a TV problem? Yes, as a matter of fact I do.)

She didn't tell us until now! I wonder why? Maybe she wanted to surprise us?

Okay... she didn't actualy TELL us... we saw her reading a PM (on AGPlaythings) saying that she was on her way. So only Mia and I know. Ma didn't see us so we decided to act surprised.

We also have Auntie Angela visiting us for the month of July! She is so nice! She's also brave! She went on an airplane all by herself! Imagine that at her age!

She may be sleeping over with us tonight! It sure will be fun! She's also coming camping with us! I think Ruthie is too! (random fact)

So- wait, hold on. *YEAH MA!!!! .... OKAY! COMING!* Time to go to my soccer game!

Byeya! (with the YA!) <-- what? I have to end it the same way I started it!

Ally <3


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