Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop... Brady???

I am so sick of rain.......

We are in the middle (or beginning) of ANOTHER rain storm... UGH

I feel so bad for all the people who's basments are flooding... it looks just terrible! I've actully seen a few houses that we almost half way under water!!! I feel so blessed with where my house is located!

Oh, I discovered a new movie... The Brady Bunch Movie.... what the heck is THAT???

With Love.... and confuzion,

Ally <3

Christine is here!

She's here! She's here! My new sister! Christine is here!

Here's a little bit more about her:

Name: Christine Sullivan (named after the character from Night Court (oh no...))

Age: 14


Color(s): Pink, blue, and green

Animal(s): Cats and bunnies (she has a cat named Lulu)

Movie: The Beautitcion and the Beast

Show: Night Court (NO! NO! NO! NOT ANOTHER ONE!!! Oh well, she likes Punky Brewster too)

Sport: Cheerleading

Song: Do You Believe in Love

She is awesome! She said that she'll cheer for me at everyone of my soccer games! She also said that she would teach me how to cheer! I've actully wanted to learn that.

I think this is going to be the start of something great! :D

That's all for now!

With Love,

Ally <3

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood"

If you're wondering... Markie made me write that. It's a quote from her favorite show, Night Court, and they were quoting Mr. Rogers. ANYWAY! Moving on...
It was such a nice evening here in Mako (Hudson) so my sisters, Mia and Markie, and I decided we were going to play a little bit of soccer. Then we decided to take some pictures (:

It was a lot of fun. They were helping me prepare for my big game on Saturday! I'm so excited! Let's hope I score the winning goal!
I also took some time to write my best friend Haydren a good ol' fashion letter. Hey, it's a good way to communicate... besides, the best thing about letters is that they are more secret. Any parent or person (or parent) and snoop out your password to email... and everything else that you don't want parents to snoop on. Nah, letters can be hidden and if necessary, burned. Of course... I accidentaly wrote the address upside down... oops. Oh well, I hope the post office doesn't care (but really? why should they?)
Haydren is so lucky. Her and her sisters got Hadell (where they live) all to themselves. Of course me and my sisters (and brother) had Mako to ourselves for a few days when Ma and Markie went to visit relatives (I found out that I have 3 more cousins! Kit, Samantha and Nellie (:)* and we had so much fun! Mia and I actually- right... this is one of those things that should be burnable. I'm shutting up now.
I hope that I can visit Hadell soon. It's my second favorite place! It is so beautiful there! Especially the garden... oh the garden, it's beauty! Oh if only we had a garden like that here! I mean we have a garden but not with like... I don't know how to explain it... well, think of it this way... you know what some court buildings look like?* With those big poles or beams or whatever? Yeah, it's like that but it's not a building, I guess it's an archway... I'm not entirely sure. Oh well it's awesome!
I am so glad that it is finally spring! No more winter! Hopefully... I am so sick of snow! It's wet and it's dirty and little children eat it for fun.* I know two little children eat it who go by the names of Eve and Jonah. But I won't say that negatively about them, they are just too cute (annoying, but cute)! But yeah, snow, SICK OF IT! The first two snows are fun but after that... UGH! It's only good for like two days or so because then it gets all slushy and dirty, yuck!
Oh! Big news! I may be going to NYC with Ma! Maybe, she said maybe. She's planning on taking the new girl who's coming (stupid parcel post!) but she was also thinking about taking me! She said that it's not likely because she doesn't want to end up loosing one of us (why do I think that it would be me who gets lost? I tend to do that...) She's going to The American Girl Place! Isn't that awesome?! She's also planning on going to the Manhhatten Municiple Court building (wow. her and Markie... what am I gunna do with them?) and the house that was the house picture on The Nanny. It will be fun if I do go, but if it's not safe then I'd rather stay here instead of getting lost and end up in the care of some wino, eww (no offence to all winos of the world)!
Well, that's pretty much all that I have to write for now!
Ta ta!
With Love,

Ally <3

** haha, that looks so cool! (:)
*** again, a Markie told thing to say...

Magically Me!

Hello world! This is me! Life should be, mmm mmm yeah, fun for everyone! Haha! I love that song (and movies! it's more than one movie). Well, heres my first post of my first blog! I'm so excided! Well, seeing that this is my first post, why don't you all know a little bit about me.

Name: Ally Barone (If you're wondering, I was named after Ally Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond)

Age: 11 (but I'm the one of the newest to the family)


Sport: Soccer (I'm MVP of my soccer team! My team is called the Shooting Stars)

Animal: Hamster (I'm getting a hamster and his name is going to be Pumpernickle)

Food: Hot Dogs

Drink: Tropical Punch smoothie from my favorite smoothie place

Place: Mystic Waters (more specificly the caves at Mystic Waters)

Saying: "Life should be fun for everyone" (it's true)

Show: Punky Brewster

Movie: Stuck in the Suburbs

Song: You are the Sunshine of my Life

Play: Pom Pom Zombies

I have 13 sisters and 1 brother, Kit, Carly, Samantha, Nellie, Mia, Jan, Emily, Kirsten, Samantha, Cindy, Jonah, Eve, Markie and Samantha. Yes, I have 3 sisters named Samantha.

Now let me tell you all little about where I live.

I live in the land of Mako (in Hudson). Mako is the most wonderful place in the entire world. It's beautiful! What also makes it so great is all the different parts of Mako. There's the city, the 3 suburban town/cities (whichever one), the island (it's an island off the island. Oh, did I mention that Mako is one big island?), Mystic Waters, The Winter Wonderland, The Magestic Mountians, and oh so much more! To get more details about Mako you can check out the site (but it may still be underconstruction) http://www.thelandofmako.webs.com/

Well, I better go get ready for soccer practice. Later! <3