Who's The Boss?

Yes, it is me. :D <--- there should really be a way to make that with it's eyes closed.... Anyway... I have discovevered a new show...

I just was looking for something to watch and saw this... it's great! Although Christine is extreamly mad that I found a show that I watch every weekday on Halmark from 1-3 with the main character's name Tony... yeah, she's NOT happy...

You see... she has this thing against a character named Tony Guliano (or however you spell it). He's a "thug" who is "technequly" a police man... Christine claims that he's only one because it's a nice way of showing people that he has a gun. She also calls him a greese ball (which I kinda have to agree with here there... I mean really... that guy really needs a shave and oh... a bath wouldn't hurt. She really needs to learn that not ALL Tony's are bad... *wack* Ouch! What it's true! (Christine just slapped me just so you know.)

ANYWAY... back to Who's The Boss...

Well for those of you who don't know what that show's about, it's about a male house keep who works for a women. They each have a kid. Tony (the housekeeper) has a daughter named Samantha (Sam) and Angela (the buisness women) has a son named Johnythan. And well... it's pretty obvious from there... yeah, really? What do you think is gunna happen? I mean I love the show but the minute I found out that Tony was the housekeeper I knew taht by the end of the show that they were gunna be married. I've been through a lot of TV shows to know this right off the bat. I've sat through plenty of Night Court, plenty of Everybody Loves Raymond, and the most obvious... The Nanny... yeah I know what's gunna happen. But it's a good show. It also makes up for the fact that Punky Brewster only has 4 seasons.

My favorite character is deffenatly Sam. She's like me in many ways. She's a tomboy... and a girly girl! Just like me! She love sports, and shopping! Boys too! ;P

She's from NYC too! I love NYC! I didn't end up going but I still love it! I mean the lights! The sounds! The smells! The thrill! Oh gosh! I wanna go there so bad!

It's pretty sad though... I've been watching so much TV with NY accents in it that I actully found myself talking with one! I was talking to Kit and she kept looking at me like I was crazy. I finally asked her why she kept looking at my like that and she told me that I was talking with a NY accent. Oopsies....

Oh well...

Well at least now I have a way to get even with Christine. She makes me sit through hours of Night Court (not that I don't LOVE watch old people in their 30-40's make out... over, and over, and over again! (total sarcasim there...)

Well, I'm actully being a hippacrit there... Angela and Tony (who are around the same age as Harry and Christine) make out WAY more than Harry and Christine... which is a fact that makes Christine very sad. But yeah my point is that I make Christine sit through 10 hours of Who's The Boss every week (and thats only when we watch it on TV! But she usually doesn't sit at the computer with me and watch it.

What else should I type?

Oh yeah! Saturday wasd awpic! (stealing that word from Haydren's mom) We sontaniously went to NH! It was so fun! The mountains! Oh wow the mountains! They were beautiful! Especily at sunset! We also had REALLY good pizza at a pizza place call Brandli's Pizza Parlor. MMMM!!!!! And I also got a Full House and Punky Brewster picture from a store called Cape Cod Crafters! It was my favorite picture of Punky too!

Now for the best part...


I've never seen one up close before! Wow! They are so huge!

I have better pictures of them but really... I am not about to walk to the other room, turn that computer on, find the picture I want, then find a flashdrive to put it on, then put the picture on the flashdrive- OOH! THIS IS A PRETTY SONG!- then walk back into here, put the flashdrive into this computer, then wait forever for the picture to get on here, then wait for ever for Picasa to come up so I can resize the picture so it doesn't take forever to post it on here. Yeah...


If you were wondering what that whole pretty song thing was, I'm listening to the TV radio and the song that came on was Tiny Dancer by Elton John. Yes that guy is gay as heck but gotta give him credit... he's a great singer!

HEY! Wait a second! If he's gay... why on earth is he singing a song about a girl? (I would question if it was about a girl if it wasn't for the lyrics... THANK GOD FOR LYRICS!)

It was so cool earlier! I turned on the TV radio and I put it on the Party Favorites station and as I was putting it on, I was thinking, "This is the best station for music" and just the second, the song playing on it was an Ellen Foley one! SQUEE! Yeah sure, she's a Night Court person but she can SING! I was like so in shock but I was so happy! She considered a party favorite!

Okay yeah, it was a duet with Meat Loaf (why anyone would want to be called Meat Loaf is a mystery to me.) but still it was her! She rocks!

Maybe I should get pink streaks in my hair like her!

Haha, no.

Don't you love how I go from talking about one thing to another?

Now to talk about Little Miss Playthings! Well if any of you readers have heard of you then you may have seen my pictures under the Under 18 classification. It would be so cool to win! This has been such a fun experience! Now I'm just waiting for the results...

To check out the LMPT contest photos go to http://www.beanbunny.com/lmp2010.html I'm in the Under 18 classification.... as I said before....

The winners are anonced tonight! Yay!

I hope Haydren and I both place! That would be great!

Let me see... I need another totally not related to the last topic thing to write about...


There have been rumors around here about a new sister coming! So excited! But Ma wants to wait until we come back from vacation.

Oooo... rightttt.... vacation.....

I'm going camping for a whole week in July! (sound like the Samantha movie much?)

It will be great! We'll have Ma's friends Emma, and Maria with us! Also Elizabeth and maybe Sarah?

Best of all... I get to my Auntie Angela!!!! She's coming up from Florida for a month! She'll be here on Thursday!

Excited? YES!

If she's anything like Auntie Kelsie then I should love her!

Oh yeah! Let me tell you about my Aunt and cousins...

My Auntie Kelsie LOVES me! I'm not being all stuck up... she loves me. When ever Ma goes to see her, Auntie Kelsie says that I HAVE to come because she calls me her little angel <3>


Happy belated 4th of July! Anyone see any fireworks? I did! Amazing! (Do I use that word too much?)

Another thing poped into my head.


Anyone else read Fanfiction? I know Haydren does. She's the one who got me hooked on it! Grr...

Actully it's okay. I like it. A lot of good stuff on there. Unfourtunatly, not many Punky Brewster fanfics but there are over 100 Who's the Boss ones.

Christine likes the Night Court one, Judge Not You Know The Rest. She's glad that it's over 30 chapters long because there are like, no other Night Court ones. There's 2 crossovers which stink, Judge Not You Know The Rest which is good I guess (from what I read), and 2 totally gay ones.

I'm not saying gay as a punk, or "cool" slang word....

I actully mean gay... As is Harry and Dan..... you know... what they call SLASH....


There's also the one Ma is working on *rolls eyes* it's called A Christmas To Remember, a total Harry and Christine fic... oy.....

She's been having a bit of trouble writing it though... she's got a few Reveiws saying "please continue" but she totally forgot where the story was going... kinda funny when you think about it... haha.

Well, I think I've said just about everything that's on my mind. I'll try to post more often. Love ya guys!

Ally <3


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